One World.


Our Approach

At Zuzek Inc. we are passionate about the world’s coastal environments.  We work collaboratively with our clients to increase the health and resilience of the world’s coastal systems for present and future generations.  To accomplish these goals, we think differently about the resource management decisions that shape our landscape.  For example, economic development and population growth alone should not be the way we measure success.  We promote a balanced approach that considers all social, environmental and economic aspects of sustainable landscapes and communities, including the impacts of climate change.  Finally, we bring a global perspective to every project and take pride in the personal service we provide to our clients.  After all, we only have One World.

Our Vision and Mission

To combine rigorous scientific analysis, systems thinking, and a team approach for successful project execution. Given that non-stationarity of our climate is the new normal, we also help our clients make balanced and sustainable planning decisions through the lens of climate change. For communities threatened by coastal hazards, we complete vulnerability assessments to evaluate risk for infrastructure and natural resources, then co-develop adaptation strategies with the community.